About CRM reviews

Thank you for joining our journey to provide you with the best CRM content. Our objective is simple:

to improve your knowledge of CRM software and get the most out of your tools.

On this site, you will find CRM reviews and insights to help you grow your business.

We try to bring color and simplicity to the complex and serious world of CRM software.

My name is Marcel and i am a b2b marketer from the Netherlands. I run different b2b marketing and business software websites. You will find all my knowledge and that of other software enthusiasts on this site.

💰How we fund our research

We are independent software nerds who turn tools inside out. There are affiliate links on the website. If you click on those, we get rewarded for doing so. However, we are not rewarded for recommending or prioritizing certain tools.

If you have a question about our content or if you would like to work with us, please use the form to get in contact.



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